Asthma Treatment Guidelines

Asthma Treatment Guidelines While Traveling

People love traveling to different places especially for vacation. But for people with allergies and asthma, it’s quite difficult though because of the presence of allergens all over the place. Many people around the world suffer from allergic reactions to different allergens that are found in food, plants, animals, insects, and environment.

One allergen that is commonly found within the environment is pollen. These are tiny egg-shaped powdery grains that come from flowering plants and grasses for their use of fertilization. Pollen is one of the hardest allergens to avoid because of its presence within different seasons. Another reason is that they come along with the wind and easily spreads in the air, especially during the peak pollen seasons.

Pollen’s Effect on your Asthma

Pollens can be divided into two general classifications when it comes to feature; there is the waxy and large type which is found on flowers and the small, light and dry type which is commonly found in trees. While the large type is usually carried by insects and birds for pollination, the small and light type is the one which causes allergy and asthma because of its feature. It can be carried by the wind to almost anywhere and can spread quickly in commercial making areas.

It is usually the season that dictates what type of pollens are spreading around, while climate determines the amount of pollen that can be present in the air. In short it means that no matter the time, place, weather, and season there will always be pollens floating in the air.

Importance of Knowledge and Preparation

Since its unavoidable, knowledge and preparation will be your key to having a worry free travel. If you need to go out you must bring lawn chair with you and something to cover your face in order to minimize the chances of an asthma attack by inhaling an allergen. If you’re going to be taking a vacation on other places or countries, it would be wise to do a little research first to know what allergens will be present and what times are best for you to take the trip. Don’t forget to bring the medication just in case. Knowledge and preparation will always be your best defense against asthma.